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Explanation project

Since the recent wars in the middle east, more and more refugees try to find a safe place in Turkey and Europe. Lots of these migrants, with a (very) different cultural background, will have to integrate in the society of their ‘new home country’. This will not happen automatically, but needs an investment. Education is a key part of the integration process for migrants with two areas of particular importance: helping migrants speak the local language is a vital step for their entry into the job market. Another crucial factor in integration is employability. Normally very difficult for refugees (even for highly educated) since the requirements regarding vocational skills and competences are normally (very) different in their country of origin.

The ageing of the EU’s population is likely to result in considerable demands for a range of new services, as an increasing proportion of the population becomes frail and suffers from declining physical and mental health. This is not only the case by the ‘original’ population, but also relevant for the ‘first generation migrants’ with a growing demand of culturally sensitive health care for all immigrants.

That’s where two ‘problems’ might lead to one solution. The Inventory for Care à la carte (IFCALC) project will be the first step of a two stage project and focusses on development of an efficient/tailor fit VET health care education for refugees by development/ integration of the ‘à la carte’ tool into each partners local or national education system resulting in efficient health care education for this specific target group, nationally recognized diploma’s and easier integration into society.

With this 14 months project we want to compare health care vocational education and training (VET) at the partner countries, discover the possibilities for 'tailor made' health care education to refugees and make an inventory of the requirements necessary for adoption of the 'à la carte’ tool for this type of education in all partner countries. This will result in a Intellectual Output with the evaluation of each partner analysis of the possibilities of implementation of the 'à la carte' tool in their national/local health care education system for education to refugees. The contents of IO1 will be used for a next KA2 project: 'implementation of the 'Care à la carte' tool in partners health education system for refugees. To be started in 2019.

The partnership exists of 5 experienced organisations with regards to health care and refugee education and are situated in countries with large quantities of refugees (DE, DK, NL and TR). All partners know each other form other cooperation’s and mutual preparation of this application. Each partner will bring in relevant associate partners from local governments, health care providers and refugee organisations. This will guarantee relevant information (input and feedback).

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Participating parties


Aventus is a regional college for secondary vocational education and training with locations in 3 cities: Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen. The college counts approx. 980 employees and 10,500 students. It consists of 5 departments: Business & Trade, Mobile Technology & Technique, Health care & Welfare, Training & General Adult Education and Creative Industries. Aventus has run LLP- Leonardo da Vinci and ERASMUS+ projects for many years. Professionalization, exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices, creating innovative approaches, stimulating creativity, inspiration and entrepreneurship are important aspects for international activities of both Aventus' staff and students. Aventus has invested an enormous amount of time and energy in sustainable relationships with European partners all over Europe. This investment is strengthened by its active membership of many formal and informal European Networks of European partners promoting branches, lines of industry or professions.

Aventus has a long tradition in delivery courses for social and employee skills, for languages and integration and health care training to regular students, but also to specific groups in combination with language and integrations courses. Aventus has also developed the ‘à la carte’ system (which has won the Dutch VET innovation price in 2009). This system makes education very effective because of the ‘tailor fit’ methodology. Besides this, Aventus has a lot of experience with working in projects with local governments and other organizations in projects to reduce unemployment and to get special groups of people who are inactive on the labor market motivated for education and labor.

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The „Alb Fils Kliniken GmbH “ (AFK) is a district referral hospital. We are the provider of acute hospital services in the district of Goeppingen based at the the „Klink am Eichert“ in the city of Goeppingen with 659 beds and the „Helfenstein Klinik“ in Geislingen with 159 beds. It is one hospital on two sites. The number of staff in both hospitals is approximately 2.500 persons out of 40 different professionals groups. We are a public, non - profit organization as part of the regional district administration. Attached to the hospital the AFK also has a nursing school, an educational institute and an academic teaching hospital for medical students of the University of Ulm. The mission of our hospital is to take care of the population at high level standards which means we are obliged to follow a permanent process of development to work towards an increasing patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, cooperation, economic efficiency and ecological responsibility for the purpose of sustainability. AFK offers all medical clinics to their patients , except neurology, dermatology and psychiatry. There are several specialities like oncology centre, breast centre, perinatology centre, social paediatric centre, regional pain centre, certified local stroke unit along regional concepts, interdisciplinary intensive care centre and many more. The hospital is organized in centralized services, which are in charge to provide and supply all the clinic departments.

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Su International is a homecare company with a multicultural background. Su International is specialized in delivering home care services to their clients. All the employees are specially trained on the topics like; different religions, languages, cultural and ethnical background of the clients. Su International delivers nursing, accompaniment, help with the householding. Different organizations use the assistance of Su International with regard to problems, issues, language barriers which is related to care issues. Su International offers training courses about culture, religion and language. Su International also gives clinical lessons about dementia, delirium, depression, early identification of dementia, cancer etc. Su International has a staff of 25 persons which are all experienced in multicultural care. Su International uses HKZ as a quality system. Hkz is the accepted quality system of the ministry of healthcare in the Netherlands.

Su International is a member of BTN home care sector association. Su International has also been certified for masterclasses for healthcare organized by BTN.

Su International has been asked to use their appraisal at the transfer of innovation because of the lesson methods.

In commission of the local authority of Apeldoorn, Su International has given certified courses and trainings for 30 unemployed women with a distance to the labor market. The certificate gives them the opportunity to redeem these certificates to an official ROC diploma.

At the moment, Su International takes action according to the Ministry of Health to civilize in the neighborhood, and thus to anticipate developments and legislation which has started in 2015. In that capacity Su International acts in order to keep consultation hours and to deploy nurses in the neighborhood.

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Our school is settled in the province Avcilar, Istanbul and it operates since 2010 as an Anatolian high health school. It has a nurse and an emergency medical technicians department. Our students have their education at these areas. At our school, we have 14 classrooms, 1 computer laboratory, 1 physics laboratory, 1 chemistry laboratory, 1 biology laboratory, 2 health practice laboratories, 1 gym, 1 library and 1 guidance and counselling services. We also have 1 manager, 1 guides teachers, 20 culture teachers and 5 vocational teachers. Our goal is to educate our pupils in the best way. Our goal is to let the students practice their profession in order to be the foundation of all clearly offers in the practical education system which is created by us.

Our school has the professional practice with European standards, which can use the technology at his own area, we have a qualified strategy to graduate the emergency medical technicians. This is why this project, with the goal to create this strategy; the graduated students, will be able to full fill the expectations in a qualified way and the students can use the career opportunity in the best way. Our career school also offers social activities which cares for an active education period.

Our school is a school who has a high level of competitions which is organized by the governor of Avcilar.

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Social and Health Care College Funen (SOSU-FYN) is a regional social and health care college in Region Southern Denmark situated on the island, Funen. Our college is an independent institution under The Ministry of Education. The College educates social- and health care helpers, (level 3 EQF), social-and health care assistants, (level 4 EQF) and child care assistants (level 4 EQF). Furthermore the college has basic modules within Health, Care and Pedagogic for students coming directly form secondary school and provides several courses for educated staff. Social and Health Care College Funen works together with Social and Health Care College South, Social and Health Care College Esbjerg and Social and Health Care College Fredericia/Vejle /Horsens about receiving and sending out students within the Erasmus+ Program. This cooperation has taken place for several years. Our College has for several years sent out students for work placements abroad and have received students for work placements in cooperation with Social and Health Care College South, Social and Health Care College Esbjerg and Social and Health Care College Fredericia/Vejle/Horsens (FVH). In 2015 the four colleges formed a consortium with regard to cooperation about the Erasmus+ Program. On behalf of the consortium SOSU-Fyn received the Erasmus+ Charter recognizing the operational capacity to manage high quality mobility projects through the Erasmus+ Program.

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